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Name: Eugene Yokugawa/Kosei "Cakeboss" Kougami
Age: 51
Appearance: MAGNIFICENT. (Sadly he's more likely to be dressed in chef's whites than flashy suits when he's working.)
Occupation: Owner and head manager of MAGNIFICENT BAKERY

Full Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo- Item. A Cell Medal found in the cash drawer and the word "Cell Medal" to describe it. Found after seeing some teenagers chasing after a "black puffball" (actually a Vermini.)
2nd Echo- Item. A batta candroid after the bullshit with the Sage.
3rd Echo- Item. A tako candroid after smacking around some evil cave bats with his rolling pin.
4th Echo- Mental. Inexplicable positive feelings towards Shuji as well as the notion that Shuji himself is incredibly integral to all of his plans, although not the plans themselves.
5th Echo- Mental. The story of the Great King OOO and the feeling that this story is incredibly important to him personally.

Notes: He's the older brother of Dr Mort Yokugawa and the divorced father of a sixteen-year-old daughter named Rhonda. If anyone wants to be his ex-wife, please let me know.